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Industries We Serve

Aerospace Industry
Aerospace Industry Precision Machining

Aerospace components and fabrication requires experience with hard-metals, lightweight and exotic materials, and precision machining at typically closer (tighter) tolerance. Heat-treating, grinding, peening, coatings & passivation are just some of the secondary processes typically involved. Let us assist your next new product/project - put our 40 years experience to work for you.

Semiconductor Industry
Semiconductor Industry Precision Machining

Datum Technology's In-Plant engineering expertise works with Semiconductor Design Teams to help on Design-for-Manufacturability (DFM) issues in the development of new valve components for process equipment. The "KEY" is that customer engineers rely upon our input and manufacturing expertise to quickly evolve a design that will work for THEIR customers' application and get the product to market quickly and cost effectively.

Test & Measurement
Test & Measurement Precision Machining

Datum Technologies has over 20 years of experience manufacturing Graphite components for the Test & Measurement "Glass to Metal" seal components in their Microwave products. The materials are DFP-2 and SFG-2 Graphite Rods from POCO. These parts are extremely fragile with very small drilled holes (.007" diameter) and require the use of a laser micrometer for measurement because of the fragile nature and precise tolerance of the parts.

Utilizing our Swiss Turning Lathe for the first operation and a CNC Chucker Lathe for the final operation, we regularly build Be Cu Connectors and other critical components with tolerances of +/-.0002" for Microwave products.

We also produce Microwave Housings from Tungsten Copper. They are critical components for our customer's Signal Analyzer products.

Medical Device Industry
Medical Device Industry Precision Machining

Datum Technologies' experience in the Medical industry is primarily focused on Fluid Handling Systems with components built from Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel and a variety of specialized Plastics. Our "Turnkey" Design and Engineering services are frequently called upon to manage the entire project, including: material procurement, manufacturing, plating and assembly, to deliver a completed product assembly.

Energy Industry
Energy Industry Precision Machining

For Oil & Gas refineries and other, Alternative Energy companies, Datum Technolgies provides Titanium and Inconel® components manufactured to exacting specifications. Customer engineers may either visit our facility or send their product design files to us, to work with our engineers to improve manufacturability, product durability and other features.

We specialize in work for high temperature furnaces, where we build components like copper electrodes for high current applications, and inconel (high heat) and graphite (high current, high heat) parts for various devices.