Medical Device Industry

Datum Technologies' experience in the Medical industry is primarily focused on Fluid Handling Systems with components built from Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel, Titanium and a variety of specialized bio-inert Plastics.

Rapid iterations of prototypes followed by a quick scale-up to production typifies the medical device product life-cycle. Our dedicated prototyping work-centers and highly experienced tool makers coupled with the latest generation of CAD/CAM and CMM solutions help you move from Prototype to 1st Article to Production - while maintaining full traceability.

Aerospace Industry

Aerospace components and fabrication requires experience with hard-metals, lightweight and exotic super-alloys and precision machining at tight tolerance and sometimes very difficult part geometry. Secondary processes... heat-treating, anodyne/alodyne/chem-film and passivation are just some of full production cycle we manage with our Total Quality Philosophy.

Our 5-Axis and Live-tooling mill and turn capabilities enable Datum to reduce setups, eliminate tolerance stack-up and avoid non-value-added operations. Utilizing state-of-the-art CAM software, we program complex operations and optimize toolpaths - reducing tooling costs and cycle-time.

Datum is an ITAR and AS9100/D certified facility.

Semiconductor Industry

Datum Technology's resident engineering expertise works with Semiconductor Design Teams to help on Design-for-Manufacturability (DFM) issues in the development of new valve components for process equipment. Customer engineers may rely upon our manufacturing expertise to quickly evolve a design that will work for their customer's application - and get the product to market quickly and cost effectively.

Semiconductor capital equipment makers often must cope with dramatically accelerated new product introduction cycles - and that's where our dedicated prototyping work-centers and latest generation of CAD/CAM and CMM technology solutions can make the difference.

Test & Measurement

Sharing similar challenges to aerospace, medical device and semiconductor capital equipment, components manufactured for test & measurement are often highly miniaturized, have very tight tolerance (microns) and utilize perhaps the widest array of materials possible.

We have more than 30 years of experience manufacturing components for Test, Electronics, Optical and Microwave products, and we've developed the knowledge of how to handle exotic materials like graphite, tungsten copper, beryllium copper, dielectrics and many more.

Energy Industry

Whether the setting is the 'oil patch' or today's latest, next-generation laboratory, the Energy Industry demands a remarkable breadth of shop capabilities, from the smallest, high-tech parts to tool-steel and alloy components that can simply eat up expensive tool inserts and grind a machine to the limit of its torque.

Datum has an expert staff of machinists and tool-makers who understand the underlying metallurgical characteristics of the different materials you want us to use. With more than an estimated 1 Million different cutting tools out there to select from, choosing the right machines and the right process to match the cut can be challenging. But, we do it every day.

Industrial Equipment

As a machine, or capital equipment manufacturer, one of the biggest challenges is to manage a sometimes geographically dispersed and often operationally diverse - supply chain. More often than many would like to admit - it's not the major casting or the long-lead (captive) components, but a supplier issue that could hold up production.

At Datum Technologies, we recognize just how critical is our delivery to you for ... good parts ... when they are due. That's why we've implemented a Total Quality Management philosophy. We take ownership of every step in not only our production but that of our suppliers - to make sure your parts arrive, meet or exceed spec, and are on-time.